TEST KNIT CALL: Chiti’s Solace (OPEN)

October 2, 20215


Colors of Lumin is a very special collection of patterns developed as a companion to and in celebration of the launch of my second novel, OCULARUM. My fictional world, Lumin, continues to inspire creativity in me every day.

Chiti’s Solace is a large shawl knit in a luxurious wool, silk, cashmere blend. Because it’s knit entirely in the round, there is very little purling, and large swaths are just knit stitches. The oval shape is easier to wear than a pi shawl, and the eyelet increases on the bottom create a lovely flare at the back. You don’t have to compromise between a big shawl and a flattering shaping! This shawl works great with gradients. Pair back-to-back gradients for extra color change or pick one stunning color to work the entire piece. I have also prepared an overview video which you can check out on YouTube here. It goes through the construction, shaping, and other information about the shawl in detail.

As I prepare this collection for release, I’m looking for between 5 and 15 people willing to test this very large shawl pattern for me. Please read this entire page before applying to test knit below just to make sure you have the time, materials, and desire to test knit this pattern.

Perks of Testing for Crypto Knits

  • Advanced access to a new pattern that will be released as part of a special collection.
  • Free copy of this final pattern once it’s released to the public.
  • For test knitters assisting me with this pattern, I am gifting each test knitter a one-year membership in the Crypto Knits Knitting Circle ($60 value on an annual basis), which comes with (1) special coupons for pattern discounts and free patterns at least monthly which will only be available to knitting circle members, (2) priority consideration for future test knit calls, (3) special channels on the Crypto Knits discord server for support, behind the scenes chat, and other special content, (4) early access to views of upcoming designs, and more.

Terms for Participating

  • You will need the following materials to participate, which I won’t be supplying for this test knit: (1) 1300 yards of heavy fingering weight yarn, (2) two sets of US 6 (4.0mm) circular needles, one of which should have a long cord, (3) 12 stitch markers, and (4) a tapestry needle and blocking materials for finishing. Note that the sample was knit using two skeins of The Blue Brick Stratford Silk Base, one Husky skein and one Mammoth skein, in the gradient color way Bloom. You do not need to use this yarn. Any yarn of comparable weight, whether gradient or solid will work great for the test knit. If possible, choosing a yarn with some silk will assist with the drape of the final project, but I am not going to require knitters to use MCS blends. I am looking for a variety of fibers.
  • You should be comfortable knitting lace patterns, and I will be looking for those that like to knit from charts as well as those who prefer written instructions to be able to get both adequately tested. Other techniques used are Judy’s magic cast on, twisted ribbing, 1/1 cabling, and knitting in the round. You do not have to be familiar with all of these techniques, but you need to be willing to learn them. Video tutorials where appropriate will be linked in the chart.
  • You must be willing to track the gauge, yardage used, and provide feedback on errors, clarity, and usability of the pattern. I will circulate a survey link everyone to collect feedback.
  • You should be able to provide pattern feedback by October 31, 2021. The pattern doesn’t need to be completely finished and blocked by this date, but you should have worked at least one full repeat of the lace panel, with a final yardage, dimensions, and gauge after the project is completed and blocked.
  • You do not have to be a Ravelry user to participate, but if you are, I ask that you create a project on Ravelry and link it to the pattern with the test code that I will provide everyone.
  • You do not have to be a Discord user, but if you are willing to engage on the Discord server, that would be helpful in tracking posts, files, images, and announcements. It also has voice channels, so if I need to provide audio or video support for an explanation, that is a possibility with Discord. I prefer it to the Ravelry forums. If you prefer not to work with Discord, you can email me directly with feedback and questions, although you will miss out on the other chat that might come from using Discord.

Pattern Details


94 inches tip to tip, 35 inches wide at the widest.


1300 yards of fingering weight yarn in a wool, silk, cashmere blend, or other blend with extra drape.

Sample was knit with The Blue Brick Stratford Silk Gradient in Bloom color way. The sample used one 800 yard skein and one 500 yard skein of the same color way. Any heavy fingering with good drape should work.


US Size 6, 4.00mm needles. Two sets, one with a 60 inch cord.


  • 12 stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle
  • Blocking materials


16 stitches by 36 stitches per four inches (10cm)


Judy’s Magic Cast On 
Lace Knitting 
Twisted Rib


  1. October 4, 2021

    Hi Alie,
    I absolutely love your designs and have watched some of your instructional videos. They are very informative and so well produced. Thank you so much for providing them for all of us knitters out there!
    Very cool that many of your pattern designs are inspired by the characters in your novels. So intriguing!
    I have applied to volunteer as a test knitter for your ‘Chiti’s Solace’ shawl pattern and hope to be one of those chosen to help you out with this lovely design! Just the style/size/yarn weight I have been searching for. I especially like the large lace feature on the upper back as well as the flattering ‘fit’/pleats that the cascading rows of eyelets create from the waist down. I’ve bought 1500 yards of heavy fingering weight yarn 7 months ago with the style of this design in mind.
    I am on Ravelry, have not used Discord, but would like to after reading your recommendations about it’s use. I googled it and now understand it’s applications. I’m wondering if you could guide me in getting started?
    Specifically to link to general knitting and/or project ‘chats’ that you put out to your knitting community. Do I have an accurate idea of the intended use of cryptoknits discord server?
    Any tips or hints would be much appreciated.
    Kind Regards, Alice
    (On Ravelry: AllieKnitWit)

    • October 4, 2021

      Hi Alice! Thank you so much! The entire Colors of Lumin collection is inspired by my novels, including Chiti’s Solace, Hamish Deep (test knit coming up), Travel by Gourdlight (still on the needles), and a fourth pattern still living in my head. Mermaid in the Mojave, the free hat that I currently have available was inspired by my poet friend Heather, and it was such a success that I will actually have a sporadic Crypto Knits Book Club pattern available for free. The next one will be featuring an autobiographical novel from a writer about the collapse of her marriage. It’s going to be a pair of leg warmers!

      As for Discord, I will definitely include instructions in the tester email about accessing it and using it, but it is an application that you can download for your computer, phone, or tablet. Once you have joined, you can just click on the invitation link that’s listed on my “Contact Us” page or on my designer page on Ravelry, and you will be taken straight into the general Server. I’m going to have a specific channel set up for testers, and only those testers will have access to the test channel to post ideas, questions, feedback, and just general chat related to the test knit. Right now the server is pretty new and only a few knitters on there with not much in the way of chatting, but I’m hoping it will grow more in the next couple of months! Thank you so much for applying, and you will hear from me in the next day or two. I have one more video to film on the Climbing Flower pattern, and then I should be ready to distribute the pattern to testers!

      • October 4, 2021

        Hi Alia,
        Wonderful to hear back from you so soon. Thanks so much for telling me more about the characters in your books and how they inspired the colours in your designs. I’m ‘infatuated’ with Chiti’s Solace. Hahaha! knitters paradise. Dreamworld!
        I have your Mermaid in the Mojave Hat pattern. Just finishing the Unbound Hat for myself….yayyy! Yours is next.
        I’m relatively knew to Ravelry. and have yet to post any of my WIP or finished projects. Mostly procrastination mixed with modesty?? Silly, because I enjoy seeing other knitter’s projects and reading their notes. I realized I should mention why I haven’t posted any projects because it would probably help you to see some of my work. I will take some photos and message them to you. I have quite a few on the go. The heavy fingering weight yarn that I bought back in February is a Sweet Georgia Cashlux Fine, colour Deep Cove. Also a Party of Five Set (mini skein) in Colour English Bay (5 different jeweltone colours that are meant as contrasts) I also have some Sweet Fibre yarns, Aruacania, and Vegan Yarn. I will send you some pics in the coming days.
        Stay well in these trying times.
        Back to my needles??

  2. October 4, 2021

    Hey Alia,
    Sending this follow up to my previous msg., just to apologize for getting your name wrong! I types Alie instead of Alia…Sorry!
    Cheers, Alice your name

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