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TEST KNIT CALL: Chiti’s Solace (OPEN)

October 2, 20215

Colors of Lumin is a very special collection of patterns developed as a companion to and in celebration of the launch of my second novel, OCULARUM. My fictional world, Lumin, continues to inspire creativity in me every day.

Chiti’s Solace Tutorial – Climbing Flower Pattern

October 5, 20210

This video provides a tutorial for certain stitches found in the Climbing Flower Stitch Pattern in the Chiti’s Solace shawl. This video is a companion to the knitting pattern which will be available here and on Ravelry.

Introduction to Chiti’s Solace

August 31, 20210

This is the first pattern in the Colors of Lumin Collection, a special knit pattern collection that complements my second

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